Trick: Download Cer & Key on Without Paying & Waiting (PC & Opera Mini Mobile)

As we know site has now changed domain into, and the problem each want to download cer & key we are required to wait 3-5 days or if you want to fast so have to pay an amount of€ 3 EUR or $ 3 USD.

Now I have a trick for cer & key can be downloaded directly without waiting for days also without pay.

How to Download Cer & Key of Without Pay and No Waiting:
1. Registration was at , If you've passed this point.
2. Login> select my certificate> Apply cer> fill the form in accordance with your phone details. Wait for the status of "apply" changes to "normal." If you've passed this point.
3. If the cer & key status is normal, then click cer button. Before loading is complete, a quick click on address bar and change the word "check" to "down" then click ok / go.

If using a PC, right click on cer / key button> "copy link location" > then paste into address bar.
After that edit the "check" to "down" same as above.
4. Now we can directly download cer.

For the key download process is same with cer.

Then Use Pot Sign Tools For Pc To Sign
& Signsis For Mobile To Sign